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About the Author

Tyffany is an award-winning author from New York who spends her days picking up after her rambunctious kiddo. At night, however, she writes — sinking deep into the fantasy worlds that nestle themselves in her heart and soul.

A writer since she was fairly young, Tyffany finished her first full length manuscript before she was sixteen, but put it down during some trying periods in her life. Over the years she’s poked at it, reworked it, and eventually turned it into The Thanatos Trilogy. She removed most of her short works from the internet to potentially rework them, but might release some shorts in the future.

Other than writing, Tyffany likes to play video games, read, and paint. Once a month she makes time to sit down and enjoy a shenanigan-filled round of D&D. Not much for TV, she still marathons the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Xena, Parks & Rec, Bob's Burgersand The Office more than she’d care to admit.

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