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Tellus Media Kit

Tellus; Book Two of the Thanatos Trilogy

ISBN; 978-1-7320307-1-8

EBook ISBN; 978-1-7320307-3-2

"If you are willing, pay your worth. Let the gods decide."

After a disappointing venture into Emberlyn Forest, Queen Natylia of Thrais is feeling anything but confident. To make matters worse, the Council is now involved, placing her on lockdown to ensure she rules her kingdom as appointed.

But she knows the Scepters are out there. At any moment those magical keys could be used to release four dangerous Titans from their prison far beneath Saphir Lake. If Natylia fails to find the Scepters before they fall into the wrong hands, her kingdom won’t be the only one to suffer.

With the support of Jyn, Camion, and Meryn, Natylia sets out to hunt these ancient relics before war and death can destroy Araenna. And when a former love gets tangled into the mix, Natylia is forced to learn the true meaning of forgiveness.

Betrayal haunts her every step, but the fate of Araenna depends on her every decision—and a test of power may cost her everything she holds dear.

Including her own life.

Blog Reviews/Features:

WHAT PEOPLe are SAying

. . . addicting and fast paced, and there was a plot twist towards the end of the book that I did not see coming. At all. It was mind blowingly good! And the ending… ugh, that ending! It definitely made me scream into my pillow and very excited for the third book . . .

— Maria Elena via GoodReads

Tellus in the Wild!

I'm eternally grateful for the support you guys show my book babies! I save all the pics I'm sent/tagged in for here! If I don't have yours here, be sure to hit me up on social media or email me! I'd love to see and add them! <3


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