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Ventus; Book Three of the Thanatos Trilogy

ISBN; 978-1-7320307-4-9

EBook ISBN; 978-1-7320307-5-6

RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2020

"We fight for our family. Whatever it takes."

When Natylia wakes in the hands of the enemy, her hopes of saving Araenna seem slim at best. And with no knowledge of where Camion, Jyn, Meryn, and Andimir might be—or if she even has a kingdom to return to—her growing despair feeds the darkness trying to lay claim to her magic. Days go by while she’s tormented by her captor, but the world goes on regardless. And so do the Titans determined to destroy it.

Natylia needs an army. She needs allies. She needs her family, her friends.

And more than anything, she needs to escape.

Race across the three kingdoms in this epic conclusion to the award-winning Thanatos Trilogy and join the fight! For freedom. For family.

Ventus Media Kit
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WHAT PEOPLe are SAying

Do yourself a favor: read this series. Share this series. Give it to the teenagers in your life so they know family doesn’t always mean blood, and you can accomplish great things with the power of love and hope.

— Author C.E. Clayton

Ventus in the Wild!

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