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The Thanatos Trilogy

Welcome to the world of Araenna!

Where humans coexist with a plethora of other races; not always so harmoniously.

And where humanoid Titans with too much power might bring about the destruction of mankind.

Curious yet?

Welcome to the family. ;)

Map of Araenna ©Tyffany Hackett

Araenna © Tyffany Hackett                     Map art by Sarah Davidson of Lore Dragon Workshop



some of the


Character Reference — Nicoleta Toderici

The protagonist of The Thanatos Trilogy, Natylia must go from pampered nineteen-year-old to Queen of her kingdom almost overnight. Her success — or failure — could decide the fate of Araenna.

Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Light Lavender
Scent Profile; Honeysuckle and Rain

Favorite color: Purple or White
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Avenger: Hawkeye
Starter Pokemon: Squirtle


Random Goodies

-The Thanatos Trilogy is drafted off a manuscript I wrote when I was 15. Natylia is from that manuscript.

-In her original iteration Natylia was Natealya.

-Originally, she had a pet unicorn named Charity, who she could communicate with telepathically.

-She was initially meant to be blonde and tall.


-Since everything else moved hyper fast in the original draft, Natylia was also set to be pregnant by the end of the second book—a book that I started but never finished, and a scene that will inevitably be cut. (Sorry guys xD)

-Her love interest has always been the same.

-Nat has always loved to ride horses.

-Much like her mother and sister in Imber, Natylia used to love fancy gowns and elaborate jewelry. (Though still to a lesser degree than them.) As I got older, she changed quite a bit; and adopted my preference for boots as the most comfortable shoes ever. :P

Untitled design(5).png


(Vaalyjyn Ayamere Herenyur)

Character Reference — Actor Kwak Dong-Yeon

Natylia's closest friend and confidante, as well as her personal guard. A critical element in her success or failure.

Age: 23

Height: 6'3"

Hair: Shoulder length, black

Eyes: Brown


Scent Profile: Hazlenut, Coconut, and

Blueberry muffins ;)

Favorite color: Black

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Avenger: Starlord

Starter Pokemon: Fennekin


Random Goodies

-Jyn was an accidental character. He was not in the original draft of Imber, back when it was still third person.

-Jyn walked fully formed into a dream and would not leave.


-The affinity he has for blueberry muffins was again, unplanned. Jyn has a life of his own.

-Jyn decided to go by his abbreviated name when he got frustrated with the way humans pronounced his Elvish one.

-Natylia's original bodyguard was stated as a terrible fighter. I removed him because at that point, the position seemed useless. And in walked Jyn, who is a combat master.

Untitled design.jpg
Character Reference — Danielle Victoria

Court Enchantress of Thrais by title, Meryn serves more as an aid to the palace healers than anything else. As a close friend of Natylia's she's privy to information generally considered above her station.

Age: 19

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Long, curly, red

Eyes: Hazel


Scent Profile: Clove, Oats, Milk, and Honey

Favorite color: Green or Brown

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Avenger: Iron Man

Starter Pokemon: Rowlet


Random Goodies

-Meryn was in the 15-year-old original draft, but her character underwent dramatic changes for The Thanatos Trilogy.


-Originally, Meryn's name was Lauralyn.


-Her first iteration had no specific powers or abilities, but she was still a healer.


-She was originally intended to be brunette.


-The cottage she has in palace grounds is pretty much the same.


-Her affinity for baking isn't new either.


Untitled design(1).jpg


Character Reference — Model Cole Monahan
Images ©Cole Monahan

The most talented blacksmith in Thrais, and possibly all of Araenna, Camion was initially hired only as a trainer for Natylia. When they inevitably became friends, Camion found himself swept up into the politics of the kingdom.

Age: 22

Height: 6'0"

Hair: Varies, sandy blonde

Eyes: Green around the pupil, then blue


Scent Profile: Lavender and Wood Smoke

Favorite color: Red and Orange

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Avenger: Thor

Starter Pokemon: Charmander


Random Goodies

-Camion is from that original, 15-year-old draft.


-Camion's name was almost changed multiple times, but I could not shake "Camion". So it stayed.


-Camion has always been a blacksmith, but originally he was also a prince.


-I wrote a chapter from Camion's perspective because originally Imber was going to rotate between him and Natylia. I nixed the idea, but I still have a full chapter where he meets her officially for the first time and he um. He has some thoughts. Maybe I'll clean it up someday and release it as a freebie. ;)


-In his original iteration, Camion still lived with his father until he met Natylia. (Who, in that manuscript, had him move into the palace within five minutes of meeting her. Oops. When you ship it so hard . . . xD )


-Character personality wise, Camion is exactly the same as he was all those years ago.

Untitled design(2).jpg

Character reference images (models, actors, etc.) will be credited and linked on individual character pages as they're added.

Subject to edits, but unlikely.

As a work of fiction, any likeness to real people is simply coincidence. Reference images are used to represent the characters, not define them.

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