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Imber; Book One of the Thanatos Trilogy

ISBN; 978-1-7320307-2-5
EBook ISBN; 978-1-7320307-0-1


The locks are failing.


The keys are calling.


The Titans are waking.


Crowned before her time, nineteen-year-old Natylia is thrust into an unpleasant reality—her people don’t want her, her family doesn’t need her and, despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to shake an incorrigible suitor. But when rumors begin to swirl throughout her kingdom the young queen shifts her focus and realizes that the world she loves could be destroyed in an instant.


An ancient enemy, long thought gone, is trying to return.


Forgotten legends have resurfaced, stories that tell of three scepters: the keys to unleashing these foul beings. Across Araenna the hunt rages for this trio of formidable power—to command the keys is to hold the power of mortal gods.


Aided by her snarky elven bodyguard, an unassuming blacksmith, and a clever nature witch, Natylia races to correct the mistakes of the past… before they can destroy her people’s future.


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WHAT PEOPLe are SAying

"The world is lush, the characters fierce and diverse. The quest will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting more!"

— Becky Moynihan, award-winning author of The Elite Trials

— Becky Moynihan, author of The Elite Trials

Imber in the Wild!

A super huge thanks to everyone who buys, reads, and takes pics of my book baby!!! If I don't have yours here, be sure to hit me up on social media or email me! I'd love to see and add them! <3


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