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Kim Chance and Kristen Martin - their take on Indie vs Trad publishing

Hey guys! I don't have a ton to say lately. I'm in the middle of draft five revisions and it has kept me SO busy! I'm really tearing my manuscript apart and polishing the pieces though and I'm excited to see what happens when it comes out the other side.

But! I do follow some writers on YouTube and the lovely Kristen Martin and Kim Chance decided to do comparison videos on their different publishing journey's. I had made the decision quite a long time ago to self publish - there's a great deal more work but, for me, a great deal more reward as well. Initially though I was dead set and determined to traditionally publish, and I'm positive that I'm not the only one who struggled with the battle of the publishing styles. So as such, today's blog is short but I leave you with the links to these videos. I hope they help, these ladies truly offered some excellent advice. <3

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