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Valentine's Day Writing Tag!

Hey guys! Jenna and Grace tagged me in this one so I just had to do it! Go check them out and give their posts some love! <3

Here are my answers to the Valentine’s Day Writing Tag started by Bree Barton on her YouTube channel. Check it out!

RULES: Describe your WIP in three sentences or fewer. Then answer the following 10 questions. 

WIP: Imber, book one of The Thanatos Trilogy

Prior to human occupation, the southern region of Araenna was home to the Titans — a race of humanoids with inhuman powers. Most melded willingly into the ranks of humans, but there were four who absolutely refused to share their world. Centuries later, nineteen-year-old Natylia must find a way to keep the Titans from waking, escaping their prison, and wiping out the human race.


1. Which character does something epic for another character on Valentine’s Day, only to have it go epically wrong? -- Lucian. He doesn't use his head enough, he's likely to do something he considers sweet which is actually incredibly selfish or offensive to the receiver.

2. Nine million people buy their pets a gift for Valentine’s Day. Which of your characters does this, and what’s the gift? 

-- I feel like this would be Meryn. She has a felie—which is basically a modified cat—that is absolutely spoiled. She'd probably give her catnip, or the equivalent. Because herbalist, after all.

 3. Which character is celebrating Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) and how do they celebrate? 

-- Annalea, she really hates that she's basically always been single. Especially since her older sister has someone, her sibling jealousy would definitely set in.

 4. In 1537, King Henry the Eighth declared February 14th the official holiday of St. Valentine … the same King Henry who beheaded two of his six wives. Which character decides to murder someone on February 14th?  

-- The Cloaked Shadows. I mean, every day is murder day to them. xD

 5. Which character writes and performs a sappy love song for their crush? 

-- Cam. He's a mushy beautiful sap. Plus, he's one of the few characters who actually has any kind of musical talent.

 6. Fill in the blanks: I saw ________ [character] give a box of __________ [noun] to __________ [other character], which made them wildly __________ [adjective/verb]. 

-- This is kind of a spoiler for book two, but a super super minor one. From the perspective of Cam, "I saw Jyn give a box of chocolates to Natylia, which made me wildly jealous."

((Cam has a secret sweet tooth for chocolate, made all the worse by the fact that chocolate is INCREDIBLY rare in my world. It wouldn't have anything to do with Jyn—he's Nat's best friend, after all, this is nothing new.))

7. Every February, the Italian city of Verona receives approximately 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet. Which character writes a love letter to someone who does not exist, and what does it say? 

-- That would be Scarlet. She's not "in" book one, but she's definitely a romantic. And she loves to read, so she absolutely has fictional boyfriends.

 8. Which character breaks up with their significant other on Valentine’s Day by text message (or an equally awful way if there are no texts in your world)?

-- No texts but erm. Does just up and leaving count? Without a word? Because Andimir, yeah, he did that....

9. In Finland, Valentine’s Day isn’t romantic—it’s called Ystävänpäivä, or “Friend’s Day.” Which character celebrates Friend’s Day by playing a massive prank?   

-- Jyn. All I needed to see was the word prank, let's be real.

 10. One of your characters consumes too much chocolate and champagne and gets sick all over the love of their life. Which character is it? 

-- Probably Nat, honestly. She's absolutely the one who eats to excess. Almost always. xD

That was fun! Thanks Bree for making the tag! If you guys do this, I'd love to see them! <3

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